Boys’ Baseball Spring Season Concludes, Summer Season Begins - Tarps are laid out, the bats are hung, and players rest their arms. After a long season full of excitement, the Wildcats fell short in the state tournament ending their spring season. The No. 6 Wildcats defeated the No. 11 Warriors 18-3 in the first round of the state tournament on May 13th. The blowout gave […]
Sugarcoated - High school is going to be the best four years of your life. You are going to spend your time here the happiest you’ve ever been. Your best friends will stick around and the experiences you have will last a lifetime. If you couldn’t tell, yes, that was sarcasm. To say high school is the […]
Goodbye, Millard West, and Thanks For Everything - There are officially 538 students listed in the graduating class of 2017. I probably knew about 100 of you very well, and I probably called 50 of you my friend. That’s on me. I was always the quiet kid in the school, kept my head down in class, stuck to my small group of friends. […]
Wildcats Struggle to Grab Control in Final Stretch of Spring Season - Going into the state tournament, the Wildcats looked like a team on a mission, winning their district with wins over the Omaha South Packers and the Burke Bulldogs by ten runs in each of those games. Winning the A-5 championship looked like it might be the Wildcats beginning to a someone legit chance to make […]

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Photo of the Week, “Sliding for a win,” by Emily Seaton