Get Out Proves Itself to Horror World - With its vintage charm, and a stereotypical suburban family, Get Out begins as any normal horror film would. Directed by Jordan Peele, this new generation film brings out a unique perspective to the movie world. Walking into the theater, I was unsure on how to feel. I knew that Peele had to do something right, […]
Wolverine: The End of an Era - Logan showed his claws for the last time in Hugh Jackman’s latest portrayal of Wolverine. He delivered an unbeatable performance that will always be remembered by fans. Logan will forever be a stepping stone into superhero films without Jackman. In Logan, an elderly wolverine (Hugh Jackman) must care for a weak and frail Charles Xavier (Sir Patrick […]
John Baylor Offered During School - Every spring, juniors are required to take the ACT which takes place on April 19th. But Millard high schools are trying something new this year: the opportunity for free John Baylor Test Prep sessions during school.  This program is annually used by more than 400 high schools in 23 states and was given to all […]
West splits with Prep - First baseman Paul Hinton thinks the biggest issue this year is just being able to hit the ball hard and feels if the Wildcats do that they can win a lot of games. “We’ve been starting to play well,” Hinton said. Millard West, coming in on the heels of a four game losing streak, needed to […]

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Photo of the Week, “Pitch It,” by Emily Seaton