Phoenix Forgetful - 2017 overall has been a good year for horror movies. Movies like Raw, Get Out, and Personal Shopper, have had a positive effect on horror, and will be remembered. This Movie will not.  Phoenix Forgotten, is an apt title to say the least. In a week, maybe less, I guarantee that a viewer will forget this […]
It’s a “Not a Thing” Thing - Millions of people around the world have a crush on someone right now. I don’t know this from any statistic. The information is pure logic. Whether it started at age three or during that awkward middle school phase, people develop numerous amounts of attractions over their lifetime. Call it human nature. Over the ages, human […]
Brain Benefits - Honors classes: an offering of higher-level or more academically challenging assignments, coursework, and learning opportunities. As a highschooler, students have the option of taking regular, honors, or Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Each course offers a different perspective of learning, and as a student goes from a regular class to AP classes, the material increases in […]
Sure to be the New Style - Smooth beats, strong vocals, and a new sound. Harry Styles released his first stand alone album Harry Styles early this May. It may be Styles’ first since his split from One Direction, but he is no amateur, and has been writing music since 2011. Still under the pop category, Harry Styles seems to lean more towards […]

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Photo of the Week, “Sliding for a win,” by Emily Seaton