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img_2771Corey Hadfield- Editor in Chief (Big Kahuna). 

Corey is a three-year veteran for the Pawprint. This is his first year as editor-in-chief and it’s Corey’s job to edit all the stories, run the class, and ensure success. His favorite thing to do is creating graphics, photo illustrations and writing hard news. When he’s not doing this, he does a little bit of everything else including photography, broadcasting, anchoring. Corey is “a master at coffee making,” and works as a barista. He originally joined journalism to do photo illustrations, and now plans on getting a major in conversion journalism and another degree in graphic design. He looks forward to doing two paper copies of the Pawprint this year. 

During his sophomore year, Corey was a Class A1 state finalist for photo illustration. He also received an excellent rating for photo illustration graphic and feature photography. He placed second at UNO for hard news for “Trivia Crack.” Last year as a junior, Corey he went to state again as a finalist for feature photography. He created the layout for the first paper copy of the Pawprint as graphic design editor, and many of the photo illustrations including the one for “Star Wars.”   Corey dominated this year, winning numerous awards at the University of Nebraska Omaha. He received a first place spot for infographics and cartooning. He had a third place spot for his two page newspaper laout. He also helped the Wildcat Report win first place as a broadcast, including a second place finish for a feature broadcast he did with Emily Seaton as well as a PSA for “I Love Public Schools.”  At the JEA contest, he won an honorable mention for feature photography, a superior for photo illustration and in-depth coverage.  In broadcasting, he received a superior rating for feature and the Wildcat Report as a whole.   At the 2017 state competition, Corey took home three medals.  He was state runner-up in BOTH feature photography and in-depth.  He also took home a fifth place medal for photo illustration. Write Corey with any issues or comments at chadfield164@millardps.org. 



William Morris – Sports Editor, Broadcasting, Commentator, Anchor, Sports Writer, Executive Producer Striv.TV

Will is a four year member of the Pawprint, covering most of the sports aspects of the newspaper. He is a live commentator for Millard West’s sports, including football, baseball, basketball, softball, wrestling, and swimming. His favorite game he’s commentated for was the Millard North vs. Bellevue West semi-finals game. Will says he likes sportscasting because he enjoys being like the people he sees on television. Will swims on the varsity team, competing in the 100 backstroke. He is also in NHS and works at Champions Run, a golf store. His favorite team is the Huskers. Will also is a live commentator for varsity football, baseball, softball, and many more.   He recently won Best Play by Play from the Nebraska Broadcasters Association for a playoff game he called against Bellevue West and Millard North. His favorite story that he has written would have to be “Cox Classic Bids Farewell to Omaha.”  He achieved a superior rating from JEA for his story “The Beast.” which he also placed at state in the Top 12 for sports feature writing his freshmen year. Will was a Class A1 state third place finisher for sports writing for his story on hockey as a freshman. Last year, Will took second in opinion writing for his column on Bo Pelini. Will also earned a state bid for his sports feature on a father and son.  He later went on to win the class A1 state-runner-up in that division. Will placed in the Top 12 in the entire state for entertainment writing for his review on Star Wars.  He won first place for best sports story at UNO for his story on the NSAA rules changing in swimming.  This year, Will nailed the state competition, and was the 2017 STATE CHAMPION in sports feature writing, including picking up a state-runner up medal for in-depth. He is professional and sits in on the superintendent meetings with students. Contact Will at wmorris744@millardps.org



Emily Seaton- Rad Photo Editor, Photographer, Writer, Graphic Designer

Emily, as a senior, has contributed to the Pawprint staff for three years. She does a little bit of everything, including broadcasts and columns, but focuses mostly on photography and graphics. Photography started out as a hobby for Emmy in sixth grade, but after taking pictures of high school sports, photography has become something more to her. She hopes to turn it into a career. Over the span of Emmy’s high school career, she has been to more than 50 school events, always prepared to get photos. Emily is the one of the best photographers in the NATION, winning eighth place for sports photography from the National Student Press Association.  In Emmy’s junior year she won third place for the best sports photograph at the UNO journalism contest. At the Journalism Education Association, Emmy won two excellence ratings for sports action photography and sports feature broadcast. She also got an an honorable mention for sports writing. At state journalism her junior year, Emmy placed third for newspaper layout and this year took home a fourth place medal in the same category. Write Emily at eseaton190@millardps.org.



Rana Sharif-  Feature Editor

This is Rana’s second year on the Pawprint staff. She writes feature stories and opinion articles. Rana is an officer for both DECA and HOSA, and plans to minor in print journalism in college. In her free time she loves to listen to music, shop, and enjoy the outdoors. Rana was a Top 12 feature writer in the state for “A Heart Of Melted Gold,” but her favorite story she has written is “For the Love of Music.”  Rana helped the team to a state runner-up medal at state this year for in-deoth. Contact Rana at rsharif29@millardps.org



Taylor Shipley- Graphic Design Editor, Striv.TV producer, Cartoonist.

Taylor is new to the journalism crew this year. She draws graphics, cartoons, and edits other’s work. She joined journalism because of the encouragement of an English teacher. Taylor says, “I like when people come to me with ideas and I can make a visual to go along with it.”  She is also involved with DECA, and will compete in the spring at state DECA. Taylor works at Champions Run Golf Course as a server. Write to Taylor at tshipley367@millardps.org.



Kaitlynn Johnson-  Column Editor, Columnist, Hard News Writer

Kaitlynn Johnson is starting her first year as an opinion and hard news writer for the Pawprint.  She was moved up as column editor after her writing proved she was up to the task. She runs on the varsity team for both cross country and track, and is also a member of NHS.  She is a state cross-country runner and one of the best in the state. Her favorite column she wrote was “EpiPen-demic.” Write to her at kjohnson337@millardps.org.




Ellie Nosal-  Hard News Editor, Hard News Writer, Feature Writer, Designer

Ellie (left) has joined the journalism crew for the first time this year. She mainly writes and creates broadcasts for the Wildcat Report. sometimes with her sidekick Natalie Rojo (right). Her favorite story she wrote was a feature story was about a boy who recovered from a skateboarding accident. Ellie plays for the Elkhorn Soccer Club, as a center back. She a member of West Friends and Assets in Action, and hopes to become more involved with drama and plays in the coming years. Ellie also participates in FCA, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, through Millard West. Write to her at enosal215@millardps.org.



Tess Ray- Broadcasting Editor

This is Tess’s second year working on broadcasts for the Pawprint. This year, as broadcasting editor, she is in charge of polishing up the Wildcat Report and getting it in on time as well as making her own broadcast for the week. Tess is on the varsity cheer team, which takes up most of her time. Her favorite broadcast she worked on for the Wildcat Report was on the new elephants at the Henry Doorly Zoo, and she loves county music.  She also had the opportunity to watch and report the Trump rally and typically works with her side-kick Lyndsay Hunter.  Write to Tess at tray585@millardps.org.




Craig Morrissey: Broadcaster, Reviews 

This is Craig’s third year of being in journalism.  He says he wants to be a cameraman in the future, but has been amping it up with reviews. This year he has written many reviews including “The Walking Dead” and even “Bad Santa.”  Craig enjoys listening to music and making new music on his guitar or his bass. He is social and outgoing, and loves talking to everyone. Craig always has a funny story to tell to the class that makes everyone laugh. Lilly and Craig had a rating of excellent for their sports broadcast on Jaylin and for their feature story on the Wildcat Crazies.  The both also earned a second place finish at UNO for both stories.  Craig has been known to travel miles also just to explore abandoned buildings. Contact Craig at cmorrisey587@millardps.org.



JD Wessel:  Sports Writer, Commentator, Anchor

JD is a two year veteran for the Pawprint staff. He specializes in all kinds of sports journalism from writing to broadcasting, and even commentating. He has been known to even commentate while falling off a chair and has done almost every game at Millard West. JD typically does sports corner as an anchor, but is a sports writer such as this one on girls basketball. Outside working at Hy-Vee and Tiburon Golf Course, JD is involved with junior class board, Key Club at Millard West, and plays on a YMCA basketball team for fun.  Write to him at jwessel722@millardps.org.



Jaden Cover: Sports Feature Writer, Sports Writer, Commentator

Jaden is in his second year of being part of the journalism staff, and enjoys commentating for sports games and writing sports features.  His best feature this year was on his teammate Jack.  Jaden spends much of his summer and fall playing varsity football on the offensive line. He also plays hockey for Millard West, and officiates it as a side job. His nicknames include “Fitbit” and his alter ego is named “Tiffany.” Last year won Jaden won a superior JEA award for the sports hard news story “NSAA Rules Contact Limitations.” He also qualified for state for his feature writing, “Lasauski.” Write to Jaden at jcover094@millardps.org.



Sarah Meeves: Feature Writer, Entertainment Writer, Broadcaster

Sarah is new to journalism this year. She works mainly with broadcasting, but also enjoys writing reviews.  She tried her first feature on a photographer and is branching out in the cartoon world as well. Her favorite broadcast she has completed was about the trucks parking in the new parking lot. Sarah is involved with HOSA, and likes anything that had to do with the arts including films, books, and fashion.  Write to Sarah at smeeves777@millardps.org




Gabby McGinn: Hard News Writer, Columnist, Broadcaster

Gabby is in her third year in the squad. This year, she has really come out as a cool broadcaster with neat angles such as her story about a freshmen skateboarder. Outside of class, Gabby is participating in Millard West girls varsity track and varsity cross country. In her free time, Gabby likes going on bike rides, walking her two dogs, and reading books. Reach her at gmcginn031@millardps.org.



Elaina Ewing: Feature Writer, Entertainment Writer, Broadcaster

This is Elaina’s first year as part of the journalism staff. She takes photos at outside events and writes columns for the Pawprint. She enjoys pottery, but is looking into becoming a surgeon in the future. Elaina works at Heritage Retirement Center. Email her at eewing617@millardps.org.


Trevor Lueck: Column Writer, Feature Writer

Trevor is starting his first year in journalism this year. He isn’t sure what exactly he wants to do yet, but is thinking about feature writing, columns, hard news, and broadcasts. So far, Trevor has been liking the columns and wrote a strong one for the print copy, “An Assault On My Rights.” Trevor volunteers weekly at the Henry Doorly Zoo, and occasionally at the HETRA barn. He is part of the crew for plays in the drama department at Millard West.  Email him at tlueck704@millardps.org.


Emily Torring: Broadcaster

Emily (left), a sophomore, started with the journalism crew for the first time this year. She works mainly on broadcasts with her partner in crime, Megan Stevens (right).  Emily’s favorite broadcasts to do our features such as this one on a girl who volunteered at the Humane Society. Emily runs JV track in the spring, and currently works at Airbore Academy, coach tumbling.  Write Emily at etorring076@millardps.org.




Will Olsen: Broadcaster, Anchor, Review Writer 

This is Will’s first year in journalism. He works on broadcasting weekly and occasionally anchors. He also goes to many sport games to help film. He enjoys watching arty movies and playing ping pong.  Will is known for his “broadcasting voice” and hopes to go into radio or broadcasting someday.  He even traveled miles for some of his stories as he did for his Halloween broadcast on spooky places.  Write Will at wolsen563@millardps.org.



Craig Sullivan: Sports, Hard News, and Column Writer. Commentator. 

Junior Craig Sullivan is in his first year participating in journalism. He does a little bit of everything including, sports writing, opinion, hard news, commentating, photography and camera work for sports games. Craig has always been interested in sports, and enjoys working on projects about them the best. His favorite things to do include reading, going to sporting events, and debating politically. Craig’s favorite team is the Huskers.  Craig is known for his catchy headlines such as A Generation Disconnect or West Routs South in Blackout Turned Blowout.  Write Craig at csullivan323@millardps.org



Megan Stevens: Broadcaster

Megan (left) joined the Pawprint staff this year, working on broadcasts for the Wildcat Report with Emily Torring (right). Megan is on JV cheer, and varsity competition at Millard West this year. She claims that she “has no life” because of cheer, but still loves it. When she isn’t busy with cheer, Megan enjoys hanging out with her friends.  Write Megan at mstevens271@millardps.org.

meandkidMs. Lukecart – Adviser

Ms. Lukecart has taught at Millard West for the past nine years as an English 9 teacher, journalism for eight years.  She started out with a staff of four students (the “Fab” four: Sarah Vogel, Rodney Hannor, David Beile, and David Smith) who were instrumental in the success of a new online paper, the PawprintThe Wildcat Report broadcast was also born that same year by Jack Sullivan and Rodney Hannor. She credits editors Zarmina Niazie, Bailey Netsch, and Baylee Huard for the current design programmed by Ben Doan under the guidance of Mr. Ramey.  That same year, the crew earned a state runner-up. She also credits the strong leadership of Kate McGinn, her editor-in-chief last year, with helping the team to earn a first state championship title. Broadcasting editors Brianna Davis and Faith Cain led the team this year to a first place victory for the Wildcat Report and elevated the broadcasts to a professional level. Along with co-editor Kylie Widseth, Ally Zimmer, and photo editor Tess Riecke, these students have forever left their mark on this class.  Last year, then editor-in-chief Kassidy Arena left her legacy by creating the first ever print newspaper for the Pawprint with the help of the Omaha World Herald.  With the help of current editor in chief Corey Hadfield who helped design it, the team earned its first ever print Cornhusker.  In addition, Kassidy put the Pawprint on the map by winning, along with Delaney Rannells, a fifth place finish for multimedia broadcasting from the National Scholastic Press Association.  Due to Kassidy’s leadership and dedication, the Pawprint took home a state runner-up trophy last year.  Corey Hadfield promises this year will be “bigger and better.”  So far, Corey’s long hours of commitment have contributed to this legacy, including a 34 page print copy made this past Dec. Other high marks  include Emily Seaton whose photo landed her as top in the nation for sports photography and Will Morris sealed his place as one of the top commentators in the state by winning first place from the National Broadcasters Association. All the students who contributed over the years are not forgotten (thank you).  In her free time, Ms. Lukecart is a freelance journalist and has written for several publications including Omaha Magazine, B2B, and a cover feature for Encounter. Isabella (Izzy), her four year old goldendoodle, will sometimes help the staff stay motivated under pressure by playing ball, barking, or eating the door stop.  Contact Ms. Lukecart at lrlukecart@mpsomaha.org.