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goClinton Campaigns at Omaha North

Hundreds of people stood in line starting at 10:00 am, scorched by the sun, to attend an event some had waited days for.

People did not receive possible sunburns or fall to the ground from heat exhaustion to see their favorite band, nor were they in line to see the trendiest movie, or ride the latest roller coaster.

The “roller coaster” this daring group of individuals signed up to ride was the campaign speech given by Hillary Clinton about the economy, at Omaha North High School, on August 1st.

People of all races, ages, and sexes made their way out to see the show. In total, she shuffled in over 3,500. One attendee, Millard West senior Mekenzie Looney,waited in line for seven hours to see one of her idols speak…



Trivia Crack Spreads Through Millard West

The application known as Trivia Crack has reached its climax of fame, at least at Millard West High School. Students play this popular game in the hallways during passing period, at the lunch table, and even during classes.

Trivia Crack has more than ten thousand reviews and almost five stars in the iTunes App Store.

One student under the influence is sophomore Breanna Guthard.

Guthard said she loses often, but still is determined to win so continues to play. Guthard downloaded it on her phone for a little over one week and has already reached level 42. She believes playing Trivia Crack will help raise people’s intelligence.

“I think the game is helping people,” Guthard said. “The more that you play, the more you will learn. I learn something new every time I open the app.”

She originally downloaded the free game because her friend had it and made her try it out. Trivia Crack found its way into Guthard’s life and it does not seem to be leaving her anytime soon.

“I couldn’t help myself, the irresistible game was too fun to avoid and is too fun to delete,” Guthard added.

Even some teachers have hopped on the bandwagon…