AP Testing Commences at Millard West

  • Jack Zimmer
  • May 17th, 2017
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Senior Will Olsen checks his AP testing times. Some tests took as long as three hours.

AP testing has returned for another year here at Millard West. Testing began on May 1st, and will end on the 12th, taking place mainly in the library, but also in the lecture hall. A variety of students had  the opportunity to earn college credit through these tests.  Even if students choose not to take the exam, the AP class alone may be beneficial in expanding students’ knowledge. Many students spend hours studying for these difficult tests that take hours to complete.

“I studied for a solid three hours the night before. I just wanted to be as prepared as possible,” senior Jennifer Love said.

Most exams are 100 or more questions, and include a written section. They truly test the knowledge learned. All colleges look at AP tests differently too. Depending on what kind of score is received, it will help to determine whether or not a college will accept it for a credit. Although a three is the minimum for a university to accept the score for college credit, if a lower score is obtained, do not fret, universities will let students re-take the course in college for a better grade.


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