Bad Santa 2 is Ho-Ho-Horrible

  • Craig Morrissey
  • January 12th, 2017
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“#ThisIsBS” is the perfect way to describe the film’s success. Photo Fair USe.

After 13 years of being idle from theatres, everyone’s favorite drunken Santa has returned for one final blow out. This film went straight to the garbage as a box office flop. It is a genuine rip off of its own predecessor with minor details and jokes changed. This film went downhill from the moment it was released.

In Bad Santa 2, Willie (Billy Bob Thornton), a middle-aged alcoholic loner, is fed up with life. Everything is coming to an end. Just as he was about to be gone, Thurman Murman (Brett Kelly), a 21-year-old imbecile, shows up at his doorstep. Ever since Thurman was a kid he has followed Willie around because he believes he is Santa. The next day, Willie gets a call from his mother, Sunny (Kathy Bates), about a score in Chicago. In an attempt to escape Thurman and make money, Willie flies to Chicago to find his mother. In this lewd holiday film, Willie, along with his mother and the elf, Marcus Skidmore (Tony Cox), plan to pull off one last big heist, a Chicago charity.

Bad Santa 2 has become a big box office flop due to its mediocre plot, redundant jokes, and overbearing use of mother issues. Everything about the film’s plot seems rushed. Instead of coming up with something unique, the writers took the same general plot from the first movie and re-used it with small tweaks added in. Instead of scamming a mall, it’s a charity. A low blow even for a movie. They add one new character as well, his uncaring mother. Even the ending has an almost identical outcome to the original Bad Santa. It feels like the writers rushed their way through the script in order to get it out for the holidays. The plot also focused on Willie’s issues with his mother and his past, instead of pulling off the heist. Everything about the movie seemed to be forced, especially the jokes.

Every joke in Bad Santa 2 was completely unoriginal and sometimes just disgusting. They use the same old alcoholic, midget, and sex jokes made in the first film. The only new comedic skits added were about mother issues. Some skits were too dirty to even be funny. More nudity was shown than needed. Some jokes even consist of low blows to homeless people. They make it seem like homeless people are all drug addicts or alcoholics when many times that isn’t the case. Thurman also had all of the same idiot jokes from the first movie. He still believes Willie is Santa Claus and he is still just as stupid as he was as a kid. Nothing he did was creative or laughable. The writers put no creative process into the film.

The overwhelming use of Willie’s mother issues is what makes this movie an atrocity. Sunny just appeared out of nowhere. We get no context about who she is or what she had done until late in the movie. All of her jokes were incredibly sexual and unfunny. Instead, Willie spends a good amount of the film ripping on her for being a bad mother. Writers seemed to make him a much more sensitive guy which dumbed-down his comedic role. The entire movie could have been done without his mother in the picture. It does though, make you feel bad for Willie because he’s had such a horrible childhood. The comedy of the movie was toned down because of this. It does completely steps over the line with a few child abuse jokes. What kind of a sick person thinks child abuse is funny? All of this made the movie a total disaster.

The way it was set up has infuriated many viewers. There was no originality, good plot, or creativity. Overall, this movie crosses many lines that shouldn’t be crossed. With showing spouts of male genitalia and using child abuse jokes, this movie and its creators must have a dark and gloomy sense of humor. Everything about this movie screams “boring.” Unless you have a sense of humor like the creators, I wouldn’t recommend spending your money to see this trashy film.

Rating: R

Stars: * of 5

Starring: Billy Bob Thornton, Kathy Bates, Tony Cox, Brett Kelly


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