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  • Emily Torring- Broadcaster
  • July 23rd, 2017
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There are fourteen honors classes at Millard West that deserve weighted GPA's

There are fourteen honors classes at Millard West that deserve weighted GPA’s. Photo by: Ellie Nosal

Honors classes: an offering of higher-level or more academically challenging assignments, coursework, and learning opportunities.

As a highschooler, students have the option of taking regular, honors, or Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Each course offers a different perspective of learning, and as a student goes from a regular class to AP classes, the material increases in difficulty.

I took Honors English 9 my freshman year, thinking I would have some benefit from it. Originally, I thought that in taking the more challenging class it would look better better on my transcript.

Sadly, it didn’t.

All the honors class did was lower my GPA. I understood it was my choice to take the higher class, and that in doing so I should have been prepared for the complexity of it. If people are choosing to take these classes, shouldn’t they get more out of it than a lower GPA?

When a student takes an AP class, they get certain advantages to help them out. If you receive an A in an AP class it’s a 5.0 GPA, if they get a B, it would be a 4.0 and so forth. Just like AP classes, honors classes should be weighted as well.

According to Principal Greg Tiemann, on average 51 percent of high school students take honors classes and 49 percent take AP classes at Millard West.

The extra difficulty added to these classes transfers into a student’s grade. Since honors classes are just as difficult as some AP classes it deserve to have the same weighted grading scale.  

Tiemann explained, that the thought of making honors classes weighted has been mentioned and been an idea in Millard for quite sometime. Yet, nothing has changed.

As a student that has taken both AP and honors classes, If this change is made it will benefit all students in these classes as well as the students who have not yet taken honors classes. In changing the grading scale, students would be more willing to take the challenge knowing they have a safety net to catch them if they fall.

A student’s grades, GPA, and test scores are their genetic makeup of high school. They are student’s image to colleges, and they can make someones future. If students are taking honors classes to better this image, they deserve to benefit from it.



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