Sure to be the New Style

  • Trevor Lueck
  • July 23rd, 2017
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Harry Styles belts his falsetto often throughout his new album. Photo Fair Use

Harry Styles belts his falsetto often throughout his new album. Photo Fair Use

Smooth beats, strong vocals, and a new sound. Harry Styles released his first stand alone album Harry Styles early this May. It may be Styles’ first since his split from One Direction, but he is no amateur, and has been writing music since 2011.

Still under the pop category, Harry Styles seems to lean more towards a soft rock style rather than the “pop” category. A few songs on this album do not follow the acoustic trend and fall very close to a rock song in “Only Angel,” and “Kiwi.” In other songs, he makes a convincing alt-country tune with “Two Ghosts” and “Ever Since New York.” This album seems to have it all, something for every type of person.

The first song to be released on this album, “Sign of the Times,” pulls listeners in with a simple piano melody. Styles’ low voice continues with the relaxing tune of the song. The soft tempo abruptly changes to a soft rock version of the same melody. A similar chord plays throughout the song creating a unity between the soft rock and acoustic beginning.

Another popular song from this album is “Sweet Creature.” Similar to “Sign of the Times,” Styles starts this song with a guitar chord playing alone, with only his voice to contrast and bring a lively sound to this song. It is another great example of Styles’ ability to create emotion and a connection when listening to his catchy lyrics.

One of his less popular songs takes a detour on the soft rock/ rock theme embedded with the rest of the album. “Two Ghosts” captures a different aspect of Styles that he has yet to show in any of his previous albums. An acoustic guitar and prevalent drum beat eerily have a similar structure to a country song. This song is very calming and good for a time of relaxing, because of the melancholy sound. This song doesn’t seem to belong in the mix here, but it adds a refreshing change to this album.

This album seems to be many firsts for Styles. He has seemed to find a unique sound that I have never seen before. I enjoyed being surprised with listening to each song. A new sound unraveled before my eyes each time I pressed the play button. Very rarely have I seen an artist take a chance on a completely new sound like Styles has. I have much anticipation for his next release, and I am happy with the outcome of this one. This was a very well-rounded album and I can’t wait for the next release by Styles.



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