Thor Ragnarocks

  • Jack Zimmer
  • May 17th, 2017
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thor ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok will be the third installment in the Thor films. Set to come out in November, it is a highly anticipated movie.

Even though he is a god, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) can be beaten. In this third installment of the Thor franchise, he will reach his limits. Nothing, though, will compare to his true power which fans have yet to see.

Thor: Ragnarok is set to release November 3, 2017. Even though it is still far away, a trailer which released on April 10th has hyped up the fan base of Marvel. There are already many reviews online discussing what viewers can expect in the movie. People have been comparing the trailer to Guardians of the Galaxy, and if they’re comparing it to that, then everyone can expect an exceptional movie added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

At the beginning of the trailer, fans see Thor tied up in chains. Hardcore Thor fanatics will recognize the place as none other than Hel, a realm of death ruled by the goddess Hela (Cate Blanchett). In the trailer, Hela is responsible for making Thor unworthy of wielding Mjolnir (his magical Asgardian hammer). After this, Thor is sent across planets, finally landing Sakaar, a gladiator planet known for gruesome fights. The rulers of Sakaar turn him into a gladiator, and  force Thor to cut his long luscious locks. As he is ready to face off against a random opponent, the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) emerges from the other entrance. This is met by a “Yes!” from Thor, the crowd went silent, but then Thor says they have worked together before (i.e. The Avengers movies). Thor tries to talk to the Hulk, but he has other plans, and that is to win.

As we grow closer to November, I am sure we can expect another trailer to be released. One that will give out a little extra information, drawing in even more fans. Thor will be without his mystical hammer most of the film, and this will change how we see Thor fight. He will have to rely more on strength and his natural abilities instead of the powerful forces of magic that the hammer gives him. Without Mjolnir, Thor still possesses superhuman strength and weather controlling abilities, although his control of the weather is more reliable with the hammer.

The trailer has gained a lot of attention right out of the gate. Fans are amped up for the expansion of the Marvel universe in this film, and a potential look at the last infinity stone. We will possibly see how they introduce the Guardians of the Galaxy into the Avengers: Infinity War franchise. It has been revealed that there will be a third major Marvel character in the movie, and it is none other than Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch). He has only been in a standalone film, so hopefully we can see him interact with other big Marvel names. As for the rest of the characters, they will all be returning members of Asgard such as Loki, Odin, Thor, Heimdall, and Thor’s posse.

This movie will bring many different aspects to the character of Thor. The past two films have relied heavily on the setting of Earth, while the new one will rely more on space and planets we have never been to before. We all know Asgard, but nothing is ever said about the other realms or distant planets. Thor: Ragnarok will expand the Marvel universe, and hopefully introduce more characters into it, such as the Guardians of the Galaxy. Infinity War part 1 comes out next year, and the characters on the roster have not yet been released to us.

Thor: Ragnarok will be different than the previous Thor films. It has a different director (Taika Waititi) than the previous two, and from the looks of the trailer everyone can expect an exceptional job from him. There are many bombs to be dropped in the upcoming movie, and after seeing the trailer, this movie can be expected to RAGNAROCK.

Rating: PG-13

Hopeful Stars: *****/5

Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchett, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Mark Ruffalo



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